Environment Friendly

At Capeview we do our best to be Eco Friendly.

The Opotiki town council is one of the most progressive in the country and runs a large recycling and refuse plant. At Capeview we recycle as much as possible including all newspaper, cardboard, plastics, tins and bottles. All food scraps go to our ‘little pig’ (who’s now a big pig) and to a worm bin for vermicomposting.

All garden rubbish is composted and used to feed the giant avocado trees next to the cottage.

While our kiwifruit orchards are not organic they are run using the kiwi-green programme, where pest control is strictly monitored and if we are required to spray we use mostly oil based products. In front of the cottage are two organic farms – kiwifruit and dairy run by other members of our family.

Bee-Flower   Fern-with-waterdroplets